About Coach Carrie
Since taking hold of my own health and wellness a few years ago I realized how many people needed a simple, effective and affordable way to get healthy and strong. I believe that we are given one body and if we don’t take care of it, no one else will!  As a certified health and nutrition  coach I support people by teaching them about sustainable nutritional concepts. So many people think they know what they need to do to but with so much misinformation out there, many are sabotaging their health goals without even knowing it!

Through a virtual program I call, “4 Weeks 2 Wellness” my clients are given everything they need to learn, apply and sustain the most effective nutritional concepts, as affordably as possible. I am committed to ensuring you learn in a way that is meaningful and efficient. By using technology via text, videos and facebook groups, I have streamlined the coaching process so learning these life changing concepts fit into anyone’s busy life.  My team and I want to support you to disrupt everything you THINK you know about eating well and replace it with what will lead you to health and longevity! 
What We Believe
We believe that  time and cost should not be a limiting factor to this life changing information.
Diet Disruptors know diets deprive a body from what it needs and therefore results won't last. We eat foods we love and still crush goals
3 Questions You Need to Ask of Your Nutrition Program
Is what I am doing....
  • Based in Science?
  • Something I can do for the rest of my life?
  • Something my kids should be doing too?
A Diet Disruptor knows the formula is simple, it is not a diet, and have been able to implement it for a lifetime.  
Diet Disruptors recognize that food is fuel. They are strong and care more about getting healthy vs. getting skinny but look amazing in a bathing suite

Are you ready to disrupt your nutrition?
"I learned not to fear food and how I can use it to fuel my body for optimal health and strength." 
-Kari W., client and marathon runner
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